The first part of the intro video does not have a narrator, so I'll describe what we're looking at.

We start out tracking backward through a dense, rich blue nebula.



Now we are leaving the nebula and sweeping right: finer detail and definition appears looking back into the heart of the nebula, while the right side grows wispy.

A lush planet comes into view: distant, silent explosions hint at a massive conflict in progress nearby.

Suddenly a flight of three PVF Anubis fighters overtake us from behind, and head toward the battle at top speed. The aging Vasudan fighters are not particularly durable or well armed... Things must be desperate if these second-line ships are being called into service.

The date: February 28th, 2335. Near the occupied planet of Deneb, allied ships engage the overwhelmingly superior Shivan forces. A GTD Orion destroyer anchors the allied fleet on the left, while the SD Lucifer holds the right. A host of smaller cruisers pound on eachother in the background, while an unknown Vasudan warship growls past beneath us.

A flight of GTB Medusa bombers passes, heading for the Lucifer.

The bombers, lacking fighter cover, do their best to blast their way through the Shivan defenses...

...unfortunately their best isn't quite good enough. One takes a missile hit and disintegrates.

The survivors continue on: Shivan fighters scream past.

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