A pair of fighters line up to attack the Lucifer's main gun, hoping to knock the overpowering weapon out of commission and give their fleet a fighting chance.

Only to be completely vaporized moments later by the hellish beam.

The weapon strikes the allied destroyer. Hull plating blisters and boils, shedding clouds of ejecta. The entire two-kilometer warship rocks under the Lucifer's blow.

Even the Orion-class destroyer, the most powerful Terran warship ever, is knocked out of the fight with a single shot. Debris spews from the enormous wound that has completely cored the destroyer. As the beam fades and shuts down, the destroyer falls away trailing flames.

A lone GTF Hercules Mk1 heavy assault fighter passes by. The leader of its class, the Herc MK1 is the best-armed and heaviest-armored fighter fielded by the Terran navy during the Great War.

As the Herc skims low over a Shivan warship, it is fired on from behind. It maneuvers aggressively, but the assault fighter can't shake the faster and more agile Shivan superiority craft.

Closing in to killing range, the Manticore fighter charges its strange missile launcher and looses a shot.

Spinning wildly, the Herc tries to evade the missile...

But is unsuccessful.

From out of the smoke trail left by the plummeting fighter we see... The main title. But don't go away, because the show isn't over yet!

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