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The condor was my first model ever. It has many mistakes in it, for example, the cockpit section is a seperate object than the torso. Because when I was first fooling around with Nendo, I didn't know how to make the shape I wanted from one object. It also violates later "scale sensibilities", the LRM's being far too large and looking rather odd. The original had no texturing whatsoever, it was just a bare mesh: I didn't invest in Truespace until after several months of playing.

All in all a decent design though. I was told that it looks like the offspring of a Mad Cat and Bushwacker. It's rather ammo-dependant, but while it does have ammo, it's incredibly mean.

Its loadout:

4 LRM-15 racks
2 Ultra-10 autocannons
2 ER-Medium lasers
4 tons (480) long-range missiles
4 tons (40) UAc/10 shells
16 double heat sinks
14.5 tons ferro-fibrous armor

Last updated 4th August, 2005
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