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I start a lot of projects and just never finish them, or some things are so small and simple that they are undeserving of their own page. Sketches, basically. These images are all from small or orphaned projects and are provided "as-is". Each thumbnail leaders to a larger version of the image, but no further information.

200px thumbnail Fighting axe >>

Modelled after a historic ship-boarding axe. The simplicity of lines appealed to me. Though I developed the mesh and textures, this model was UV-mapped by "Archie" in the TES community. The left shots show the mesh, the right shots show the specular and bump maps.

200px thumbnail Passive immersion cooling >>

A zany idea to build a small, vertically-oriented case, fill it with electronics coolant, and then depend on natural convection to cool the system. I have no idea if this would work or not, but it looked nifty.

200px thumbnail Keyboard >>

I'm thinking it's probably some kind of modeler's initiation rite to create a model of their keyboard. Behold.

200px thumbnail Battletech Insignia >>

Some random unit insignia based on or intended for the Battletech universe. The one in the upper-left is solely my creation, the others draw on Battletech material in some way.

200px thumbnail Amberian hypersphere >>

A helpful (heh) illustration of how I imagine the concept of "shadow" working in the Amber universe, created by Roger Zelazny. Much too complicated to explain in this space.

200px thumbnail Great hall >>

A quick sketch to help envision a location in a story I was writing.

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