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More time spent all around. Better modelling, better texturing, more playing with light. The texture is too chaotic though, breaks up the mech's lines (which is camouflage's purpose, true, but...). The harsh and contrasty lighting doesn't help either. Still hadn't tried anything really with scene layout. Trivia, it was named after the column style in architecture.

This was an interesting design since it meant to be a custom job: a mech that'd been around in somebody's stable (probably a mercenary) for a long time and been repeatedly altered. Hence didn't need to follow conventional wisdom. It devoted way more of its payload to armor than most factory mechs, and used both IS and Clan weaponry. I played with a revolver-style autocannon; while it does make sense in some ways, and helps build the concept that the Inner Sphere are rather technologically primitive, ultimately it's just not as cool an idea as a recoil-operated single parallel cannon.

1 heavy large laser
1 AC/20
2 light machineguns
1 LRM/10 rack
1 ton (120) long-range missiles
2 tons (20) AC/20 shells
1 ton (400) light machinegun bullets

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