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A lot more work on everything, from a technical aspect. Figured out what the UV projection modes did finally, which helped. Used multi-layered textures. Added enough light so that people could actually see what was going on, too.

The Granite was made in response to a request by the Starsiege:2485 mod team for herc concepts. As such, it's stylistically different than a mech. Weapons are external rather than internal with an emphasis on modularity; the scale is smaller; there is no 'waist' joint. Realistically there's no reason it couldn't be a mech, the clan Nova has a similar fixed-torso arrangement.

The original Starsiege-oriented fluff:

More properly known as a Granite Equipment model 3-6C. The 3-6C was built to serve as a construction and earth-moving HERC. In its original configuration, it carried either a crane arm or a backhoe on the front mount. The rear was an enclosed bed for carrying material or tools (or a few brave passengers if they didn't mind a bumpy ride). Its bipedal locomotion let it get to sites far beyond the reach of good roads and wheeled/tracked machines, making it useful for setting up remote homes, listening posts, high tension power lines, and site-specific power plants such as geothermal or hydroelectric. And of course building the roads for heavier machines to arrive. The 3-6C boasts extremely powerful locomotion systems to let it lift and move heavy loads.

How it came to be a target for military retrofitting is not known, but it fills the role well. The crane or backhoe and their hydraulic system are removed from the front mount, leaving a cavity for a weapon. A simple turret is bolted to the bottom of the dual cockpits to support light guns, the drive shaft sleeve is beefed up and extended to support weapons on the outside of the hip, and the cargo bed has been ripped apart to attach very heavy large weapons such as cannon artillery or MLRS. This particular version also includes a missile rack as an afterthought.

While the retrofitted HERC (usually simply called a "Granite") cannot match true military assault machines in raw firepower since most of its gun mounts are fairly light, its strength lets it carry an unmatched coat of armor, and bear that weight without bogging down to a crawl. The retrofitted Granite is popular with frontier commands, since it gives them a powerful offensive unit without depending on imperial pencil pushers and budget cutters. Typically, once such a frontier command is established, its allocated 3-6C's turn up "missing" before they can be shipped back. High Command turns a blind eye, and imperial bureaucrats never set foot on military bases so remain puzzled about the constant thefts.

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