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200px thumbnail Condor - August 2000 >>

The first model I ever built. Very nasty ammo-based Clanner assault mech.

200px thumbnail Erinyes - 2000>>

Second model, first with an attempt at texturing. Well-rounded heavy design.

200px thumbnail Corinthian - 2001>>

A mix of Inner Sphere and Clan tech on an assault chassis.

200px thumbnail Shiva - December 2001>>

I consider this my first 'serious' project. An 'cavalry' heavy mech. Tried to be dramatic with the lighting, came out just dark.

200px thumbnail Mech leg - December 2001>>

Exploring the machinery and construction of a mech's leg.

200px thumbnail Granite - August 2003>>

A submission to the Starsiege:2485 mod.

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