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This started out as a tutorial of the sword from 'Blade'. Somebody else was asking questions about doing the tutorial (in 3ds-Max) and I was bored, so started trying to make a similar sword using polygon modelling instead of nurbs. At some point my efforts went wildly far of the mark, but in a thought-provoking way, so I gave up trying to make the 'Blade' sword and did my own thing. The proportions are kinda bizarre though: the blade is too slender for a one-hander, and the grip is too fat for a two. Being in a display box doesn't help either, as it makes the sword look smaller. Next time right. The wood texture on the box is something I did myself, which was a first. Also has just gotten the Darktree plugin for truespace, which is what the marble slab is.

Last updated 5th August, 2005
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