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The Shiva was the first mech that I put a great deal of time into modelling; not only the general apperance, but trying to figure out specific joints or armor plates would 'work'. This render, again, I tried playing with the lighting. I didn't have a landscape to put it in front of, so I made it a (very dark) night shot. Also my first attempt at 'special effects', with the weaponsfire.

This mech was named for the 'multi-armed' appearance it has, with its main guns mounted to the topside of its arms rather than on the end. The top half of the design I'm quite happy with... the legs are too long and gawky. The feet are nice though. Shiva is a 'cavalry' mech: using triple-strength myomers, it can develop greater speeds than other 75 ton mechs, plus the design emphasizes firepower over endurance. Ideal for flanking actions, or shock tactics.

Its loadout:

2 Particle Projection Cannons
4 Medium lasers
1 LRM/15
1 Machinegun
1 ton (120) long range missiles
Target Acquisition/Guidance artillery spotting laser
0.5 ton (100) machinegun bullets

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