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The Storm Petrel is a ship from the game 'Independance War 2: The Edge of Chaos', developed by Particle Systems. The game has a depth of conceptualization that is truely commendable, with a lot of thought given to how exactly a ship based in its universe would function. The only problem was that most of the background and technical information written was for larger ships, with several crew, and measuring upwards of 100 meters in length. There was far less information about how small fighters would work, since they have far less internal volume to work with.

So I decided that I would attempt to puzzle out the workings of a small ship, the Petrel, writing or rewriting a minimal amount of fiction to make it fit into the I-War concept. What you see in the images is the result of extensive modelling, and not a little brainstorming and frustration. Working with the existing I-War community, and even some helpful comments by the designer of the game, I think I came up with something that's pretty faithful to original material while at the same making some kind of sense.

There are a total of 7 pages for the Storm Petrel.

1. Overview >>
2. Cooling systems >>
3. Structural >>
4. Miscellaneous systems >>
5. Reactor and power systems >>
6. Travel and propulsion systems >>
7. Offense and defense >>

Fans of I-War2 that are interested in having the ship's model file, or in having the original-sized images (3840x3072px, suitable for printing), should email me.

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