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200px thumbnail Dragonfly - October 2002 >>

A fast and light tactical bomber.

200px thumbnail The Starship Project - May 2003 >>

Aka 'Shrike's Challenge'. A fleet of ships designed around a common theme.

200px thumbnail Nebula - February 2004 >>

My first attempt at using volumetric effects.

200px thumbnail Miris'ak gunship - February 2004 >>

Not quite a bomber, not quite a corvette...

200px thumbnail the Gbomber - April 2004 >>

The first of several ships designed for 'The Mad Goner Fleet Project'.

200px thumbnail the Gcarrier - May 2004 >>

A fighter-carrier of truly insane size.

200px thumbnail 'Olympic' colony ship - June 2004 >>

Collaborative effort: my art, based on another's description.

200px thumbnail Swallow - September 2004 >>

Space superiority at its finest. Fast and sleek.

200px thumbnail the Gcruiser - December 2004 >>

Another massive ship for the Goners. Not quite a quarter-million polygons, but close.

200px thumbnail Storm Petrel - June 2005 >>

Extensive and in-depth modelling of a starship, with multilayer schematics and a technical explanation.

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