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Everything you see here belongs to (, momaw at).

All I'm using is a Kodak CX6230, a 2mp point-n-shoot, so there's some technical issues going on with these... Sorry. You and I both wish I had a better camera. Unless otherwise noted, these aren't modified other than a bit of contrast and brightness tinkering.

Some really awesome frost patterns on our window during an extreme cold snap.

A still and gray sunset... It didn't actually storm, it was just gray.

Cool moon.

Everybody likes flowers right? Looked very pretty because it was the first thing to actually start blooming that I saw.

Panoramic shot composed of three regular 4:3 images. I couldn't quite get them matched up colorwise, but it's pretty close. This was, curiously, NOT the middle of winter! Freak snowstorm right at the beginning of spring. You can see by the way the trees are bending that it's nasty, heavy, stick snow.

Amazing sunrise. Saturation has been bumped up a little (less than it looks).

Pretty standard fall foliage picture. Weird day, because the sun was bright, but there was a lot of fog roaming around. Very soft, omnidirectional light.

A very "arty" shot. Obviously I messed around with the levels on this to kill almost all color except the red on the tree. Also editted out some minor visual distraction around the edges, glints and such, but the camera did most of the work of creating the overall effect.

Very cool volumetric effect with the rising sun and morning fog. I don't think I have the full-sized version of this anymore, unfortunately.